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Research & Development

rust-placeholder-png-generator - Sep 19th, 2020
Rust Placeholder PNG Generator

A small write-up on a first stab at rust with the goal of generating placeholder PNG files of arbitrary size.

custom-font-paperblock - Feb 18th, 2020
Custom Font: PaperBlock

Created a custom font called PaperBlock for my upcoming game.

ai-foreground-color-selector - Aug 21st, 2019
AI Foreground Color Selector

Testing out PHP-ML by using a Multi Layer Perceptron’s classifier to pick foreground colors based on an arbitrary background color.

personal-search-engine - Jul 19th, 2019
Personal Search Engine

Using TNTSearch to build a searchable collection of reference material.

lucene-simple-recommendations - May 2nd, 2016
Lucene: Simple Recommendations

Using a Lucene index to improve visitor retention with related content links.

digichipghost - Jul 19th, 2015

A 24-Hour Godot Game Project