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I’m also on twitter, gamejolt, and I am an active StackOverflow contributor.

What is B6.5 Solutions?

B6.5 Solutions is a sole-member LLC based in Washington specializing in custom software development and support, primarily in PHP for WordPress and customized production automation.

About the Owner, Myself

I’m an enthusiast and professional programmer. While I’m most experienced (12+ years) in PHP and WordPress, but I’m a proud generalist and have worked with a number of other languages and platforms.

Project Highlights

Kitsap Sun Story Archive
(Python/PHP) Made while I was an employee at the Kitsap Sun, this is an archive of stories recovered from an older internal archive system. The “More Reading…” recommendation blocks at the end of stories were created with Pylucene search results.

Ludum Dare game jam entry written in C using SDL. Helping write a game in C in 72 hours can get pretty intense. I was also responsible for porting to Mac and Linux. The binary download links have been lost to bitrot. Source Code is here, and a Windows release binary can be found in bin.

Floppi’s Relic Run
Another LD game jam project. This one was a solo project created with the Godot Game Engine, and written with GDScript. More gamejolt projects

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